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3 days 16 hours ago

The KLPW Radio Athlete of the Week is Washington Post 218 Junior Legion Baseball Player Adam Gauzy. As a pitcher, Adam has the most innings pitched on the staff with 46. His record is 6-0, he's given up 10 runs, three earned, for a staff low ERA of .450. Adam has struck out 53 batters while walking 11. At the plate, Adam is a switch hitter with an avarage of .315, an on-base percentage of .427 and a slugging percentage of .342.

OFF THE CUFF with Diane Jones

1 month 1 day ago

There are few things more inspiring in life than watching an octogenarain with two hip replacements swimming a 200 yard race, or guys in their late 70's playing some pretty vigorous 3 on 3 basketball. A generation of baby boomers is learning that, while they can't reverse age, they certainly can embrace life!


Senior Games Embrace Life! - 06/23/2014 - 11:23am
Evil at UC Santa Barbara - 05/27/2014 - 11:22am


17 hours 6 min ago

The junior legion state tournament gets underway today in Jackson with two games. Springfield-Glendale will go up against host Jackson at 3:00, followed by Sedalia and Eureka at 5:30. Washington will see action Friday at 12:00 against the winner of the Springfield/Jackson game. The double elimination tournament will run through the weekend.